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How boring is eating healthy?

Celery meme @changethisweek
Celery meme @changethisweek

So my Father’s Day was amazing, how was yours?  Now that I ate like a king, I am truly ready to make a Change This Week about nutrition.  I am really pleased with how far I’ve come over the years with improving my eating habits but it is time again to step it up a notch.  So I will tell you about my plan soon, but starting off today is my friend Krystal who has been on an exercise and eating journey as well. That’s exactly why I asked her to be one of my guest bloggers this week.  Welcome to the Change This Week, Krystal!

Eating healthy is boring! Right?

Luckily I’ve always tried to eat healthy coming from an athletic background but at the same time, I loved my chili cheese fries and ice cream. Not together. If I ate bad I would tell myself that I would just work it off later. I think everyone has done that. It wasn’t until early this year my whole idea of eating healthy changed.

A friendly challenge started at work where we were going to be Vegan for 22-days. Sounds intense! It was a little intense at first just not knowing anything about being a vegan. And my first thought, “NO CHEESE?!?!?!”. I love cheese! I knew that would be the hardest thing for me. No quesadilla? Chili cheese fries? Nachos? All of my favorite dishes!

I started searching online about vegan diets and good vegan recipes as well as restaurants to get ideas for recipes and got excited seeing that this might not be as tough as I thought.

Going to a vegan restaurant and seeing “cheese burger” on the menu or “chicken tenders” was so refreshing but my next thought, will it taste like chicken? The answer, heck yes it does!! Does the cheese taste like cheese? YUP! I was so excited at this point to know that there were healthy vegan alternatives to my normal eating habits.

Now to try and make my own vegan meals because I can’t be eating out everyday. Going to the grocery store being Vegan I spend majority of my time in the produce section. I also spend a little time getting a lot of beans. All kinds of beans. Black beans, red beans, garbanzo beans etc. My favorite fast vegan dish is a “beef bowl”. It’s chopped tomato, black beans, cooked zucchini, corn, roasted tomato’s and seitan. What the heck is seitan?? Seitan is your “meat” and is super high in protein and delicious(you can pick it up at whole foods and trader joes). If you don’t want to try seitan you can always throw tofu in there(you can pick up at mostly all super markets). OR you can be super lean with it and make a yummy veggie bowl.

As the 22-day challenge was coming to an end I was questioning whether I wanted to continue this challenge.

Being vegan I have noticed a great difference in the way my body works. I’m a runner so I noticed that now that I am a Vegan I can run much faster because I feel much lighter. I don’t feel lethargic from the chicken sandwich at lunch. I feel my stamina has greatly improved as well as being able to stay lean.

I have been on this vegan diet for 5 months and I don’t see myself going back. Any food you enjoy can be made vegan. Organic. All plant based and all good for you.

What about drinking? That was a big deal for me. Surprisingly, vegans are normal people and like to drink also. Before I agreed to the challenge I looked into if and what vegans can drink. I’m a vodka drinker so seeing Absolut first on the list, I was sold! (http://www.barnivore.com/liquor)

Now I appreciate much more what I am putting into my body. Now I see that it really does make a change and a huge difference. Your body is a machine and it needs to be taken care of. I’m not one to tell you you should become vegan but it doesn’t hurt to try a vegan meal and see how you like it. Change is good. This could be your change this week. If you have any more questions related to going vegan, restaurants, recipes, please feel free to send me an email. krystal.g.05@gmail.com.


Eating differently with @krystalbee
Eating differently with @krystalbee

Krystal Bee is single and living the life in L.A. You can hear her every morning in Big Boys Neighborhood on Power106 from 5-10am and see her as a contributor on RevoltTV. For leisure activities Krystal runs with two running crews in Los Angeles that meet twice a week. If you have any more questions related to going vegan, restaurants, recipes, please feel free to send her an email. krystal.g.05@gmail.com