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Hello from the Other Side

Hello It's Me
Hello It’s Me

Well I haven’t missed 1,000 calls, but I have been out of commission in contributing to this blog and there was a specific experience the other day that reminded me what I’ve been missing.  So I recently was chatting with a friend who brought up the blog she has been writing and it soon became a great dialogue amongst our group of friends.  I was excited to hear about this as I had no idea that she wrote a blog and it sounded personal and engaging.  I chimed in, “Hey I have a blog too.”  I went on to briefly describe ChangeThisWeek and what its purpose is.  Later I went back to look at my blog and realized the hosting was expired, it was no longer published and anything I had added in 2015 was gone.

How ridiculous that I jumped in this conversation amongst friends about blogging when I had nothing published or live anymore. Ha, what a fraud! Well that’s one way to look at it, or there’s this way to look at it… I should start blogging again and reignite the purpose of why I wanted to do this in the first place.  Needless to say, I have since chosen the latter.

So now its April of 2016 and a lot has changed since my last blog I wrote and WAY more has changed since the last blog post that is active on here.  Some quick headlines include: I’ve moved my home and job.  I’ve entered a new relationship. I’ve traveled, experienced new music, read a lot more and had so many new adventures.  I’ve grown as a man and a father.  That’s a quick glimpse of what I recognize that has changed in this moment and some of the first areas I will be exploring this year.

As the byline of the blog states, “You will be amazed at what you can change in one week” and that’s where the commitment comes in.  What can I commit to in my life to make a change for at least one week and see what difference happens in my life.  This is the crux of why I started this blog.  What can I change?  What can we change?  What can any of us do to be better people, break a habit, make a new connection, be better parents, be better citizens of the world…? Or maybe its just that you need to make a change to add more fun in your life.  Whatever it is, I hope you can make a commitment for a week to make some incremental change in your life too.

My commitment for this week is to restart this blog and reopen the portal I was so excited about two years ago.  Starting over in this blog will remind me of reopening my network of friends and resources and people to connect with and be inspired by.  I am hitting the reset button now.

But the heart of this blog isn’t just my journey, its to chronicle the journey of people as a collective, what can we all share together in our experiences and put forth in the spirit of making changes and growth?  So that being said, I will again be looking for guest bloggers to share some words and put them out in the universe for consumption, contemplation and discussion.

It feels great to be back writing and sharing again because its fun, its inclusive and its therapeutic.  But more than that, it feels great because it’s a fresh start.  It’s a fresh start that brings a new opportunity for growth and change.  It may come out as a blog, but truly in order to write this and process it, there is a whole thought pattern to look at for why I am in the place I am.  Why did I start the blog?  Why did I stop the blog?  What is worth sharing?  How much sharing is too much?  What is worth changing?

So many questions and here I go on the road to examining it all.

Jay Ry April 2016
Jay Ry April 2016