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Why Exercise will be the easiest Change you will make this week

Biking on the weekend at Cheseboro Canyon
Biking on the weekend at Cheseboro Canyon
The idea behind Change This Week is simple. What change can you make this week to improve your life and the lives of others? The change you set out on should be attainable. Choose something that is not so small to be insignificant but also not too big so that you won’t succeed. I’m not expecting you to cure cancer this week but definitely find something that you are interested in improving.

So every week I will talk about a new topic that you can opt to make a change about and share with the world. My desire is to encourage you and give you some insight from a regular guy perhaps on the same journey as you, so I will also tell you about my own progress and setbacks in the process. Some weeks you may already have something else on your mind that you want to personally improve on, but if not let’s make a change this week about exercise.

Exercise often brings groans and dread in anticipation of doing an activity and sweating. Or worse yet exercise can bring feelings of guilt or regret that stem from past weight gain or failures that we haven’t let go of yet. I have been notorious for this over the years. With many years of being overweight, I would not make time to exercise and then beat myself up over it. When I started having some serious health issues including a bleeding ulcer, I had a decision to make. Did I want to continue down this path of unhealthy choices and unhappiness or did I want to thrive and see my young daughters grow up and graduate?

For me, the decision was simple. The implementation of it was definitely challenging. There are the easy excuses. I work a lot, raise my daughters, coach their teams, and enjoy an active social life. THAT’S why I was out of shape. Haha. We all have the reasons to not be active, so let’s not waste our time and energy there. Get that part out of your system. Let’s focus on what we can change, make it tangible and start now.

Exercise these days is fun for me. It wasn’t at all this way for many years so I had to find a way to enjoy the work I was doing to improve myself. Finding friends with similar interests, working out with people that would keep me accountable, and creating exercise I could do at home while being full time Dad were all places to start. I didn’t have much spare time so I had to overlap time I was already using. When I’m home with my children, I could exercise while they are sleeping. When I want to hang out with friends or my girlfriend, let’s do something active together and socialize.
So now that exercise is an area that I am creating more success in, I want to push it further.

This is the change this week that I am going to make a commitment about. I just started mountain biking, so I am committing to 3 hours of mountain biking this week. I also do weight training 1 hour a week so this week I’m going to double it to 2 hours. One other set of exercises that I am doing daily is push-ups and squats. This week I am going t commit to increasing the amount to 110 push-ups and 110 squats each day.

That’s it, that’s my commitment I am going to be accountable for and I am going to make this change this week:

– 3 hours of mountain biking
– 2 hours of weight training
– 110 push-ups per day
– 110 squats per day

This is going to be a challenge for me, but I know I can attain it with discipline. And this is a tangible goal for you to see and perhaps get an idea about to create your own commitment with. Make a commitment with me to change this week. The best outcome is you succeed and feel great about putting a win on the board for yourself. The worst outcome is you fail but learn that you need more encouragement or some help with your time management.

Participate with us. I want to hear your stories, success or failure. We also will be expanding to have guest bloggers so if you have some great contributions to make on motivating people about any of these topics, hit me up. I want to hear from you! Thanks for reading and have a great week!

– Jason –