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A funny thing happened out on the ocean


So what is this "Change This Week" website?

Well it’s an inspiration. Let me tell you why.

I had an amazing trip recently that inspired me. I found inspiration when I was able to shut out the work and the electronic world that is constantly vying for my attention. One big part to accomplish this was that I was on a ship and I wasn’t easily reachable. That was such a great blessing that I wasn’t aware I needed.

Once I was out on the open seas, enjoying the planet in its purest and I was able to breathe, to read, to meditate, to exercise, to fully sleep, a funny thing happened. I got inspired in a big way. I had so many ideas racing through my head. Thoughts of business, love, my children, and self improvement. Once the noise had subsided, there was clarity and I was in my great space to create. This created great happiness within me and this website is one of the inspirations that I came up with in this space.

What do you want to change in your life this week? Here’s a suggestion to challenge yourself this week. Make room inside yourself to Get Inspired! What is it that you REALLY want to be doing? What’s that change you have been delaying? What’s that conversation you have been avoiding with yourself or someone else?

Make time for yourself to find the quiet. Silence the noise in your life so you can find that inspiration that is waiting to surface. Whatever your heart desires will come to you when you make space for it.

So that is the change for you to challenge yourself with this week. Please share with me how you do!