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When you know it, show it!

Let's Be Grateful <3
Let’s Be Grateful <3

So last week I spent a lot of time talking about a new change and commitment to exercise, so how did you do?  Were you able to make a change last week for the better?  Did you increase your activity level?  Hopefully you did, but if not, don’t beat yourself up over it.  This is a new week.  Last week I am proud to say I increased my activity level and made my goals.  It was hard work but I feel so great that I stayed committed to my exercise goals.

As a reminder if you’re just seeing the site for the first time, changethisweek.org is all about personal growth and creating change for yourself and others that you affect.  Each week I am challenging you to make a commitment for change.  What can you change in your life for the better?  How can you be a catalyst for change for others?  The change should be something attainable, something you can succeed at.  Maybe choose something that you have been putting off or something that you really notice as an area needing change in your life.  Make a commitment to this change for the week and stay with it.  Share your commitment and change with someone so that they can help encourage you along the way.  Then celebrate your success no matter how small after the week is complete and then make a new commitment.

This week I am committing to make my ChangeThisWeek about gratitude.  I am a happy man and a grateful man already.  However,  therein lies the challenge.  How do I make a change revolving around gratitude?  Spending this last weekend with family and friends and a few Mothers Day events, I was really struck with the blessings of my life.  There was so much joy, love and happiness being created and spread that I was really inspired and basking in it all.

Even though this blog is posting today,  I started my Gratitude week a little early by sending out Mothers Day cards and messages to about 50 mothers I know and love.  I really wanted the mothers in my life to know how much I love and value them.  The way I showed gratitude for Mothers Day is just an example as it occurred this week, but how can we show gratitude without there being a special occasion or event?  I believe it is really simple.  When you know it, show it.  When you feel it, say it.  That is my commitment this week.  I am going to tell and show a different person each day this week how I am grateful for them being in my life.  I don’t know exactly what this is going to look like or sound like yet but I am making this commitment.  And when I know it I will show it, when I feel it, I will say it.

If you want to join me in this gratitude commitment, come on along, let’s do this!  Or perhaps you have something else you want to work on this week.  Either way, participate in making a Change this Week and let me know how you’re doing.  I want to encourage and support you in your personal work.  Good luck on your commitment this week and check in all week on new posts to help you along.

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Jay Ry diving in the Caymans
Jay Ry diving in the Caymans


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