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The art of the long term love affair


The art of the long term love affair @changethisweek
The art of the long term love affair @changethisweek

Hey friends, I’ve got a great guest blogger contributing today.  That’s not his picture, he’s not that old, lol.  Meet my friend and business associate Neil Palache, not only a dependable man doing business and living life with integrity, but a man in love.  And all this week since I’m focusing on love relationships at Change This Week, I knew who to reach out to.  Here’s Neil…

As I was sitting watching America’s Got Talent last week, a comedian had his moment in the spotlight. He started talking about marriage and how marriage essentially scares him to death because of the way people talk about it. He said that when asking his friends about how their marriage was doing, they would say things like ‘it’s good so far’ or ‘it’s hard work every day’ or there’s some good days and some bad’. He said “Would you buy a car if those were the answers to the question, how’s that car? I don’t think so”.

Then again, marriage is nothing like buying a car is it now!? So, here’s my story.  At the ripe old age of 21, in the fall of 1983, I was over at a friend’s house. He was on the phone with a ‘girlfriend’. “Let me talk to her” I said. “Is she cute”? “Yes” he says, handing me the phone. For the next hour, after verifying with my friend that I could ask her out on a date, we talked and a date was scheduled. She subsequently cancelled. Great! One day, to my surprise, she called me and another date was scheduled for Friday January 13, 1984.

That Friday evening, I drove for what seemed to be an eternity from Encino to Westlake Village. Today, that drive is no big deal but back then it seemed like I was driving half way across the country! To top it off, once I found her house and survived the father greeting me with their rather large black German shepherd, we trekked back to Encino for dinner. Little did I know at the time that this would be the beginning of what is now a thirty-year relationship? We got engaged two and a half years later and were married just under a year after that in April 1987. Our oldest daughter came along in 2001, followed by our son and daughter in 2003. A few years ago we added two fish and recently adopted a tomato plant. Welcome, the Palache Family.

The comedian and his friends were almost right. It is hard work and there are good days and bad. There are also some amazing days especially when you add kids into the equation. Then again, what, that is worth having or doing, is not hard work? A marriage, a friendship, a business, charity work, kids. It is hard work. Bloody hard work! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, I like to take a good nap, read a good book and watch a great movie just like the next guy but not be married, not have kids, not run a business? No way!

When you run a business, one of things that you learn quickly is that you must be able to communicate to your prospective client what the benefits will be. Why should that person do business with you? What is the product or service that you’re offer going to do for them? How will it improve their lives? So, my advice to you, the reader, is to ask the same questions this week. Rather than find all of those things about which your spouse drives you crazy, find all of those things that are beneficial as a result of having a spouse. Here are some of my favorites:
– I always have a friend who will listen.
– I will get honest advice even when it’s hard to hear.
– I can get or give a hug most any time.
– Our kids are being raised by an amazing Mom.
– We trust each other implicitly.
– We chose each other.

No relationship is perfect. The more you nurture each other, the better it will be. Be caring, be careful. Be loving, be lovable. Be passionate, be compassionate. Be yourself, be selfless. Be honorable, be honest. Take a breath. Never allow your anger to dictate your decisions. Be IN the marriage.

Guest blogger Neil Palache
Guest blogger Neil Palache

Neil Palache is the Founder and Owner of the Wealth Creator Company for Women located in Westlake Village, California.  You can reach Neil at (818) 606-7327 or neil@thewealthcreatorcompany.com.  Please visit his website at www.thewealthcreatorcompany.com to for further information including signing up for his free weekly tips and goal setting exercises, a free one-hour coaching session or to register for one of his free or low-cost events.